The Way To Get A Giant Whiteboard On A Small Budget

The Way To Get A Giant Whiteboard On A Small Budget

You might even run a piece of scotch tape down the front side as well. It might not pick up the dry erase marker (I’m unsure) however it would prevent you from whacking the marker on the edge when you write over it. Good options going with the decrease price hanging boards – such as you mentioned, if you really need to go BIG you need to use paint, but the surface actually does need to be easy. What you can also do is sand down a daily wall if it has a little bit of texture, that can go a protracted methods in direction of making a large whiteboard paintable space.

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Can simply wipe out a mistake and make the diagram or whatever as massive as you want. The different thing to contemplate is removability. Paint-on whiteboard is, I would imagine, pretty much a bitch to take away. So, if you’re in an apartment or in a rental house , it may not be a viable possibility.

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This is the type of board which would be wall-mounted in a cheap bathroom or one thing. It occurs to make a reasonably first rate dry-erase board, although. As convenient as these options are, the issue is that you want a very clean service. A commonplace texture on drywall ought to work OK with paint as a result of the paint will even out because it dries .

  • I have used this idea in my mathematics classroom for years because of finances cuts.
  • For a bit more, $50 or so, you would go along with a sheet (or sheets relying what measurement of large whiteboard you’re going for) of tempered glass hung with mirror mounts.
  • A normal texture on drywall should work OK with paint as a result of the paint will even out because it dries .
  • The longer the marker is left on the board the greater likelihood of staining.

Many of our clients are looking to create a big magnetic whiteboard for their workplace or working setting. Everyone has slightly completely different budgets and design necessities so we thought we might put collectively some choices for you. In the past, when I’ve made DIY whiteboards, I’ve at all times used Gorilla Glue that required longer drying occasions. You do not know how irritating the sliding could be.

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When a traditional sized whiteboard just wont minimize it, a big whiteboard might be the solution. Our large whiteboards are available sizes as much as 3m wide! These giant whiteboards could possibly be the right solution for you when the standard sized whiteboards just aren’t giant enough. We have a huge range of enormous whiteboard options. Ranging from a traditional wall mounted board to complete whiteboard walls!

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